About Lican

Lican, it is a company founded in 1991 .

We specialize in the development and marketing of functional high quality protein derived from animal blood.

Lican has operations in three countries : Chile, Paraguay and Mexico where the raw material is collected and processed following a strict quality assurance system (HACCP , GMP ) .


Our mission is the recovery and use of blood from slaughterhouses , and the development, production and marketing of high value-added products made ​​from blood , and designed to meet needs of specific proteins in the food industry for human consumption and animal for national and international markets . It is also part of our mission , the pursuit of new business through the development of technology for the reuse of products or waste generated in the food , which can be converted into higher value-added products industry solutions.


Our vision is to be the best option for the provision of blood generated in refrigerators and other waste from the food industry that are capable of being transformed into products of higher added value. It is also part of our vision to be leaders in the development, manufacture and marketing of products derived from blood or other residues from the food industry. Taking care to constantly reduce the impact of our processes on the community that surrounds us and on the environment.